Having in mind the bad condition of the forest fund, and in particular the catastrophic forest fires which occurred last year, we have started a citizen's initiative for afforestation in the Republic of Macedonia.

The purpose of this initiative is to plant more than 2 million tree seedlings corresponding to the population of the Republic of Macedonia in a single day, on March 12, 2008. The action shall be entitled « Tree day ».

For this purpose we have also created an Initiative Board, composed of about one hundred renown citizens, distinguished members of society, creators of public opinion, artists, representatives of the scientific milieu, music stars...


We addressed requests for support to the relevant national and foreign institutions, such as the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the EU representative office in the Republic of Macedonia, the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, ZELS (Association of Local Self-Government Units) and other. It is our great pleasure to state that this action has been received with unconditional support by all above – mentioned parties. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia supported our action by providing the necessary tree seedlings and logistic support, and will be our partner in its realization.

With a view to provide the necessary financial means for the needs of this Action, the Initiative Board shall submit applications to various domestic and foreign institutions and funds, as for example : Government of the Republic of Macedonia, European Union, USAID, UNDP...We will invite all the institutions and organizations providing financial assistance for this action, to delegate their own project manager who shall be in charge of managing the financial assistance provided.

In order to ensure the desired number of citizens participating in the action, the Initiative Board has tried to raise public awareness through the following :
PR and marketing campaign. In order to realize the PR campaign, we have asked for support by all electronic, printed and internet media in the Republic of Macedonia.- Cooperation with various organizations and institutions among which : Non-governmental, student and high - school organizations...

The Initiative Board shall try to provide as much media coverage of the campaign as possible, especially in Europe. This shall also have a positive influence on the public opinion in the Republic of Macedonia, which is more than necessary in the forthcoming period.

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